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permatbanAntepartum Home Care

The antepartum or pre-natal period begins when pregnancy is first diagnosed and ends upon delivery. Peritech’s care starts by providing education to both the patient and family. A comprehensive assessment then determines a management plan for each patient.  Peritech’s focus is to consistently provide the very best care, minimizing risk, ensuring the birth of a healthy baby and maintaining optimum health for the mother. Communication is always a priority between our nursing staff, patient, and doctor. 

Postpartum Home Care

Bringing a new baby home can be one of the happiest times in life, but a woman may experience both physical and emotional challenges while adjusting to the changes brought on by motherhood. It’s not uncommon for new mothers to need help during this time and the compassionate nursing staff at Peritech has the experience to provide the proper care.

We start with a Well Mother Assessment that includes a physical exam but also addresses depression screening, social service referrals (as needed) and community resource links. A full report is provided to the ordering physician with continuing follow up as needed.

As part of this service, Peritech also advises on everything necessary for newborn “healthy beginnings” including but not limited to breastfeeding, diapering, burping, formula preparation, baby’s weight, immunizations, postnatal exercises, baby’s overall health, dental care, poison prevention, and yes, sleeping safely and soundly. 

Infant Home Care

Peritech’s infant home care begins with a newborn Well-Baby Assessment and  results of the assessment determine a plan of care. Pediatric in home health can provide care through intermittent skilled nursing visits.  



~ I really enjoyed the help from the nurses and enjoyed all the information given.

~ Everyone was wonderful and very helpful!

~ Thanks for everything that you girls did.

~ Shannon was so nice and very helpful with everything! She gave me awesome pointers and tips and made sure she answered my questions fully!

~ Our nurse Suzanne was absolutely amazing. Very courteous and professional. Would highly recommend her!

~ All in all, a great experience.

~ Tina (my last 2 visits) were the most informative and relaxed! KUDOS to her! Thank you for your time – I will use again/recommend.

~ Loved the staff and recommended your services.”

~ I am very pleased with the services I received.

~ I feel fortunate to have had your services through my pregnancy.

~ James and myself loved Kristin. She was wonderful with (child) and would be welcome back in our home.