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Can the nurse attend school with my child?

Yes, With proper authorization and documentation from the school, the nurses may provide care at school.

Can the nurse attend physician appointments with me and my child?

Yes. If her authorization allows, the nurse may attend appointments with you and your child.

Can the nurse watch other children while they are in my home?

No, the nurses are only responsible to care for your child with medical needs while they are in your home. 

Can the nurses transport my child to appointments, etc?

No. The nurses are to provide care for the child with medical needs only.

What hours do the nurses work?

The nurses can provide care while you or your spouse are working, or if you have other children in the home to care for.

What kind of care do the nurses provide?

Care is ordered by your child's physician and will address his or her specific medical condition and other needs including bathing, dressing, feeding etc.

What happens after the authorization is received?

An RN Case Manager will visit you and your child either at home, at the hospital, or facility, to explain the process, gather information about your child, and formulate with you a plan for your child's care.

How do I get authorization for nursing?

You or the personnel at the hospital, facility, or MD office will work together with our agency to obtain an authorization for hours from the insurance company.

How is private duty nursing paid for?

Hours are authorized and paid for by your child's medical insurance.

What is Private Duty Nursing?

Children with certain medical conditions can have nurses to care for them at home instead of in a hospital or other facility.

Will my health insurance pay for home health services?

Most health insurance plans allow for home health during and after pregnancy.   You may call Peritech Home Health directly at 1-800-634-5670 and we will work with your health insurance to provide services.

How can I receive home health services for my child?

You may call Peritech Home Health directly at 1-800-634-5670 and we will work with your doctor to obtain services.

All content here, including advice from health professionals, should be considered as opinion only.
Always seek the direct advice of your own doctor in connection with any questions or issues you
may have regarding your own health or the health of others.

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